Request for financial grant for Blood Bank at National institute of Child Health (N.I.C.H.)

To Whom it May Concerned

Brief Description of Organization

Sada Welfare Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation established in 2002, which is working for the noble cause of child health and community service; all this has been possible due to the generous support of donors and philanthropists like you.  Your contribution will no doubt go a long way in restoring, Free Of Cost, the health of poor and needy from preventable and curable diseases. Sada’s mission is to help and save the lives of underprivileged children and infants in Sindh especially interior Sindh & Baluchistan by providing hospitals with life-saving medical equipment and medicines supplies and staff. Sada Welfare foundation has treated more than 744870 patients since 2001 to November 2019

Objectives of the Projects

The purpose of a blood bank is to ensure reliable supplies of safe blood to all patients admitted in National Institute of Child Health. Since 1997 to December 2019 we provide Blood and its components to more than 550,000 patients. A blood bank must have an adequate supply of blood on hand to meet the demand when patients need it,” but this is complicated by the fact that the “number of units of blood that may be used for a particular situation can sometimes be unpredictable.” Complicated surgical procedures, natural and man-made disasters and accidents make it impossible to predict how much blood may be needed at any given time, so having a large supply of viable blood is important. Sada Welfare is in the process to upgrade its blood bank upto the international standard. Though our blood bank is currently equipped with the state of the art machinery but the technology for processing blood into required components has advanced over the last several years and we still need the equipments and trained staff to cater our requirements as we are planned to establish Thalassemia center in N.I.C.H.       So far about more than 3,500 patients are benefitted from our blood bank every month.             

Equipments Required

Name of Equip. QTY Estimated Cost in PKR
Blood Bank Freezers02(2.5 Million Each)
Blood Bank Refrigerators 03(1.5 Million Each)
Tube Welder 01Price not Confirmed
Data Logger 02(0.25 Million Each)

Total Grant required for above equipments     PKR 10 Million (Approx)

Amount Required for Salaries :
Blood Bank Manager Salary PKR. 50,000/= Per Month
5 Blood Bank Technicians @ 33,000PKR 165,000/= Per Month
3 Porters for Blood Bank @ 17,000/= PKR 51,000/= Per Month

Total Amount required Per Month    PKR. 266,000/=

Amount Required for Consumable items

Blood Bags required 20000 to 25000 (approx) annually @ PKR 580/=

Minimum Amount Required Per Month PKR 950,000/= (Approx)

Screening Kits Anti HCV 10,500 to 12,000 annually @ 375/= & Hbs 10500 annually @ 165/= buckets.

Minimum Amount Required Per Month PKR 472,000/=

Other Projects of Sada Welfare Foundation

Detail in broacher attached and for further information please visit our website

Sir / Madam we are short of funds to purchase these machines, I request you personally and on behalf of the poor & needy people of this hospital to please help us in purchasing of the above equipments. We will be deeply indebted to you on behalf of the needy people of this hospital. If you have any query please calls feel free to Ms. Fawzia Siddiqui 0314-2000979

Yours truly

Ms. Fawzia Siddiqui
Sada Welfare Foundation