Cleft Palate Dental Clinic

Cleft lip and cleft palate are the two common birth defects that need dire attention for timely cure. A cleft lip is the state in which the two sides of a child’s lip is separated by jaw bone or the gum bone., While, a cleft palate is a condition in which the upper roof of the mouth opening does not formulate in the uterus of mother.

Hence, the two sides of the palates are not fused and in a cleft state. It can be at one side of mouth which is called unilateral cleft palate or on both the sides of mouth which is called bilateral palate.

In such a state, the condition of lip is also affected as the lip is connected to the palate. Even though, the growth of lip is separate to the growth of palate which means that child may have cleft palate but not cleft lip or vice.

Sada Welfare Foundation supports the treatment of children with cleft lip / palate by providing free  treatment in NICH. SADA Welfare Foundation has supported treatment of more than 700 registered patients at NICH. The clinic at NICH for the purpose is run under the supervision of Dr. Samra Bokhari.

The approximate cost of treatment covers a sum of Rs. 0.25 million . Donors and sponsors are invited to display their generosity and make contribution to this unit by donating funds to the unit.