Neonatal Unit

SADA Welfare Foundation manages and operates the neonatal unit of NICH which is the largest in Pakistan. The project started in February 2003. It offers life support and facility treatment to pediatric patients. The facility has the capacity of 50 incubators and 6 ventilators. The complete management and procurement of the neonatal unit is managed under the operations of SADA Welfare Foundation.

In efforts to provide the best services, the organization focuses on quality management of staff and equipment. The nurses, cleaners and related staff of Neonatal Unit is monitored for efficient performance and trained over the quality standards to provide a safe and secure facility to the new born. Considering the sensitivity of the health conditions of the premature babies and ill patients admitted in Neonatal Unit, SADA Welfare puts additional efforts to provide warm and sterile environment to the facility with high quality trained staff for operations. The facility caters the need of more than 90,000 neonatal patients a year. The equipment are regular checked, monitored and replaced to keep up with the efficiency of services.

In order to save the management cost of the facility, SADA Welfare manages supply and provisions of stationary items, bed sheets prescribed drugs, antibiotic medicines and other disposable items.

The running expense of the services revolves around the figure of 5 million. It includes the salaries of staff and technicians as well. SADA Welfare Foundation manages the running expenses of the Neonatal Unit from the generous donations of public and trustees. The management of the Welfare Foundation does not only invest efforts in running of organization but also contributes the operations of the Neonatal Unit with financial assistance to keep up the smooth running of the Neonatal Unit.

The current objective of the Neonatal unit is to develop children hospital to address the needs of health care system of Pakistan. Donations and charity of public are invited for contributing in the collections dedicated for making of hospital.

Donation in cash or kind is invited for contribution in endowment fund for meeting the running expenses of the facility.