Cancer Ward (JPMC)

Cancer ward at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre – JPMC was inaugurated in the year 2003. The initial cost of project started with the investment was PKR 50 million and completed under the supervision of Cancer society.

It contains modern equipment and resources that are used for the treatment of cancer patients of all stages. It comprises of 50 beds and updated clinical facilities. It is the only government hospital across the city which has standard equipment and services for management of cancer.

Sada Welfare foundation provides free treatment to deserving cancer patients at JPMC.

Other than the support to cancer patient at JPMC, The Foundation also offers facility of free of cost dispensaries to needy patients.

The objective of the foundation is to support health needs and build awareness of health hygiene to support country health care system. In this effort, SadaWelfare Foundation has established two dispensaries in deprived area of Lahore.

The service is successfully serving hundreds of patients in these units to support the cause. Patients are being provided free of cost checkup, guidance on prevention and disease management and free of cost medicines to deal with the illness.

As a whole, SADA Welfare foundation has so far treated 7,00,000 patients cumulatively in all of its facilities since the time of its inception. The cost to the treatment and management is extracted from the endowment funds and generous donations.

Sada Welfare Foundation manages the running expenses of each unit from the generous donations of public and trustees. The management of the Welfare Foundation does not only invest efforts in running of organization but also contributes the operations of the facilities with financial assistance to keep up the smooth running of the units.

The current objective of SADA Welfare Foundation is to develop children hospital to address the needs of health care system of Pakistan. Donations and charity of public are invited for contributing in the collections dedicated for making of hospital.

Donation in cash or kind is invited for contribution in endowment fund for running expenses of the facility.