Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries NICVD

Under  the supervision Prof. Dr. Najma Patel involved with the diagnosis, management and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. SADA Welfare Foundation offers financial assistance to deserving patients diagnosed with Pediatric Cardiac Surgeries.

The number of pediatric patients have reported to be increased regularly with the passage of time. NICVD is professionally equipped to address challenging needs of patients followed by complicated surgeries and critical procedures. The facilities available at NICVD includes the following:

Pediatric Procedures

  • ASD Closure / VSD Closure by device
  • Balloon Valvo plasty for Congenital Heart Diseases
  • Pediatrics Catheterization

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

  • ASD Closure / VSD Closure by surgery
  • Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)
  • Shunt Procedures
  • Total Correction in children

SADA Welfare Foundation offers financial assistance to patients that needs care in illustrated capacity. The Foundation has a refined procedure of checking and sorting the patients to direct support in the required dimension. Patients are supported fully and partially as per considering their social and economic conditions. Till date, around 380 patients have been supported with this care program ran SADA Welfare Foundation under this unit. The cost of procedures vary in between Rs, 50,000 to Rs, 2,00,000. Donors and sponsors are invited to display their generosity and make contribution to this unit by sponsoring lifesaving surgery of deserving patients.

The vision of SADA Welfare Foundation for the expansion of this unit is to build an independent child care hospital with facilities to support the health care needs in all dimension. Donation and charity for the purpose are accepted in the endowment fund.