Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Sada Welfare Foundation is a non-commercial and non-political organization committed to undertake rehabilitation of Health and to serve all irrespective of the gender, caste, creed, race or religion, whose mission is to help and save the lives of underprivileged children and infants of Sindh especially interior Sindh & Baluchistan by providing NICH with life-saving medical equipment and medicines supplies,

Blood bank services are of primary importance for health care facilities. Sada Welfare Foundation renders its financial support to help meet needs of poor patients and support the limitations of   health care system of Pakistan. It is the foundation’s major project and large number of people has been benefited from this financial support.

Before the establishment of Sada Welfare Foundation I personally with my friends establish Blood Bank in NICH in 1997. Since its establishment the blood bank management is look after by NICH. First of all Dr. Afaq of NICH look after the matters of Blood Bank and then Dr  Bheem and  Dr. Nargis do that. Dr. Zeenat Issani always supervises the NICH Blood Bank. Dr. Rehana & than Dr. Furqan looking the technical and management matters. Present staff was interviewed and selected by Dr. Furqan Ex HOD of Blood Bank & Laboratory.

After the establishment of Sada Welfare Foundation in 2002 we start supporting the Blood Bank from the platform of Sada Welfare Foundation. Initially when the blood was establish the running cost per annum was approximately one million and at present it increases to PKR 25 million. Since its establishment we spend more than PKR 200 Million. More than Eight hundred thousand patients are benefited by this blood bank.

The Blood Bank is a part of the NICH and Blood Bank has been set up by Sada Welfare Foundation through its own renovation and installation of air conditioning, refrigeration, fixtures and fittings, furniture, equipment, technological process and staff.  With the passage of time we replace the old machines with new ones. Every year we replace two or three equipment with the new one so that the patients could get quality blood products from NICH blood bank supported by Sada Welfare Foundation.

Services are completely free of cost for patients admitted in NICH and open for needy without any discrimination.

The running expense of the services revolves around the figure of 16 million to 20 million. It includes the salaries of staff and technicians as well. Sada Welfare Foundation manages the running expenses of the Blood Bank Unit from the generous donations of public and trustees.

The management of the Welfare Foundation does not only invest efforts in running of organization but also contributes the operations of the blood bank with financial assistance to keep up the smooth running of the blood bank.

The current objective of the blood bank unit is to purchase mobile blood donation unit for sustainable running of the system of operations.

Donations and charity of public are invited for making contributions in the collections dedicated for mobile blood donation unit.

Donation in cash or kind is invited for contribution in endowment fund for running expenses of the facility.

The list of equipment’s and consumables needed in our Blood Bank is mentioned below, Management of Sada Welfare Foundation has no objection if donations can be made with purchases of any of the following equipment’s or consumable and payment is made directly to vendors. For any more information you can send us email or call feel free to our contact number mentioned in our web.

COBAS E 411 Analyzer (Roche Pakistan Pvt Ltd.)
Thermo Scientific Heraeus Cryofuge 5500i Refrigerated Centrifuge. LH-4000 Swinging Bucket Rotor With Four Round Bucket of 75006477 (included with LH-4000 Rotor)
(sure Bio Diagnostics & pharmaceuticals)
Blood Bank Refrigerators
Software for Blood Bank

Oracle Blood Bank Management System (Software of blood bank NICH)
We are driven by the passion of serving the community with the best. Considering the criticality of blood banking, we wanted a system which would help us ensure that all cognitive bias based errors are eliminated and we deliver the safest of blood component. We are glad with our choice in installation of Oracle Blood Bank Management System. It has come true on all fronts. The best being the rule engine which helps our team take consistently right calls. The support has been awesome and we appreciate the responsiveness of team who are always ready to take new inputs and make our software robust, secure and reliable.

Agitator with Incubator
We also need following consumable items
  • Triple Blood Bags
  • Screening Kits

Support to Oncology Ward and Emergency Department (Child Aid Association & Child Life Foundation)

From Jan 2017 to Jan 2018, the Foundation provided Blood products to 4080 patients admitted in Oncology Ward of NICH, which is a project of Child Aid Association.  Besides, it also supplied 7200 blood products to the Emergency Department supported by Child Life Foundation. The cost of these blood products are Rs. 5.2 million (approx.) which SADA Welfare Foundation provides free of cost.

Support to Thalassemia Patients:

Thalassemia is a lifelong disease and needs a lifelong treatment. Due to the severity of disease and its expensive treatment, we are providing yearly 4360 free blood products units to patients. The cost of these units revolves around PKR 2 million (approx.)

New machines and equipments of cross match and screening are installed

  •  ELMI (Centrifuge CM-GMT) – used for separating serum from red blood cells
  •  Ortho workstation – cross match used to cross match patient serum with donor red blood cells
  • Snibe (Maglumi 800) and Roche (Cobas e 411) – screening machine used for screening of donor’s blood for HCV/HIV/HbsAg