SADA Welfare Foundation exist for simple humanitarian purpose of helping children whose health and lives are threatened by poverty, endemic diseases, natural disaster or civil conflict.

The services of the organization are designed to address and serve the needs of child health care services with a focus on pediatric health care facilities. The other services includes provision of medicines for T.B, Renal, Nephro and Cancer. Also, the organization support Eye care and Neonatal New Born Unit. The Cardiac Surgeries in the facilities are also provided free of cost.

Other than the medical and clinical facilities, the organization also provide procurement services by offering Para Medical Staff, Technicians & Aya in Neonatal Unit. The other technical staff precision includes Blood Bank Technician in Blood Bank.

It is a strategic initiate of the organization to support service delivery by maintaining and keep control of quality resource at health care units and identifying needs  and issues of the facility with a proactive approach.

All the basic specialist service of the pediatric care is designed with an approach to meet the health care standards as bench mark. The skill based training of the professionals are duly assured and monitored to track progress and performance of the resources at the facility.

The standards of operation of the facility are maintained and communicate to train the staff regularly and keep up with the procedures that assure quality at work. The equipment in Blood Bank & Neonatal Unit are purchased and maintained by SADA welfare Foundation with respective approach to increase efficiency and product life cycle for larger span of time to assure quality of service delivery.

The vision of SADA Welfare Foundation is to offer solution to pediatric health care services  to deserving and poor patients at a facility where quality of services is not compromised over cost or indiscrimination.

The future plans of the organization is to expand the services of the facility to a hospital which can serve the pediatric clinical needs of needy without putting any burden over them. The machineries and screening facilities for treatment of TB is also another area of concern. Purchasing equipment of TB screening for making efficient diagnosis is also objective of the SADA Welfare Foundation manages complete running expenses of the foundation for the generous charity of the trustees and the patrons. SADA Welfare Foundations takes its pride on the dedication and enthusiasm of the patrons, trustees, management and volunteers who runs the foundation without any expectation of return or personal benefits. It is the unparalleled spirit of these supporters of the cause that SADA Welfare foundation has successfully treated more than  8,10,000 patients in its care facilities from the time of its inception.