Renal problems and complicated renal disorders are diseases that are primarily related to kidney dysfunction.

Chronic conditions of the type are likely to inflict the health conditions of patient badly and even result into end of life.

SADA Welfare Foundation offers financial assistance to deserving patients and supports their treatment at NICH.

The facility at NICH is fully equipped with tools and resources to manage and operate disease treatment plan.

The facilities of NICH for renal patients care comprises of the following:

Medical Unit I
Medical Unit II
Medical Unit III
Neonatology Unit
Oncology Unit
Nephrology & Dialysis Unit
Neuro-psychiatry Physical
Medicine and Rehabilitation
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Emergency Department

The patients at NICH get special attention as per nature and condition of health. Patients are admitted if they are critically ill or need meticulous monitoring. Patients like diabetes ketoacidosis, acute severe asthma, GBS, Steven Johnson Syndrome, Cardiac Failure, tetanus are taken on priority basis. Treatment of all the renal conditions is available within the facility. Renal treatment is most of the time is of continuous nature and treatment continues for lifetime depending upon the damage to organs of the patient.

SADA Welfare Foundation has supported treatment of more than 2510 registered patients at NICH. The approximate cost of a patient’s treatment for a months is of around Rs. 4,000. Donors and sponsors are invited to display their generosity and make contribution to this unit by sponsoring lifesaving surgery of deserving patients.

The vision of SADA Welfare Foundation for the expansion of this unit is to build an independent child care hospital with facilities to support the health care needs in all dimension. Donation and charity for the purpose are accepted in the endowment fund.