The history of the existence of SADA Welfare Foundation is a story of profound passion of serving humanity of the founding members. Ms. Fawzia Siddiqui and Mrs. Tahira Jawaid  who were active individual social workers at the beginning.

The need of blood bank for health care system of Pakistan was evident at the time. The renowned pediatrician   Dr. Zeenat Issani came up with the thought of opening blood bank to support the health care system of the country. Gathering funds from scratch and developing structure for the blood bank was all a big challenge for the founding members.

The founding members raised funds for the cause in the period of two years and developed structure at the same time. Gathering an amount of 0.6 million for building the initial set up of blood bank was the first milestone of Sada Welfare Foundation which was achieved in the year 1997.

The other projects came up to pave the road of success of the foundation with the passage of time. The support of chief patrons added to the strength of organization. The name for the organization was chosen by the chief patron Fatima Surriya Bajia ( Late ) which means ‘ Forever’.

The scope of the services of Sada welfare foundation expanded with in the blood bank unit by supporting transfusion services for patient of blood diseases and beyond. The scope of services expanded gradually with provision of to serve at the neonatal unit than unit of tuberculosis, supporting the pediatric cardiac surgeries NICVD and adding renal unit to the services. Other services included addition of cleft palate dental clinic and assistance to needy patients for treatment of cancer at JPMC.

The services of the foundation were cautiously expanded to each unit and within a unit considering the need and lacking of the health care system of Pakistan. It was the trust of the trustees and patrons that allowed SADA Welfare foundation to contribute with new services and projects by observing the requirements and coming up with solutions that could address the particular gaps and necessities of the health care system of the society.

The Blood bank is the major project of the foundation which has facilitated the needs of more than 5,35,000 patients with free of cost treatment. It is a blessing for thalassemia patients who needs regular transfusion of blood throughout life.

The treatment is highly expensive for poor patients. SADA Welfare Foundation provide free of cost blood product to post-operative wards, medical units and other wards. Blood bank also provide blood components to oncology unit to cancer ward at NICH.

Apart from the developments made into other units, SADA Welfare Foundation takes its pride over the successful contribution of blood bank services to the health care system of Pakistan. It had recently renovated and introduced modern blood bank technology and machinery at NICH.

The project was partially supported by the community development program of government. A sum of Rs. 3.4 million was received from the government of Sindh which was invested for advancement of blood bank with the purchase of Cryofuge machine and Plasma Freezer for the blood bank.

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